by Sivia

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released October 22, 2013




Sivia Moorestown, New Jersey

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Track Name: Ocean
Dear Ocean, I like your waves
Dear Human, I like your brain
But you only like a piece of me

I'm a whole
And my eyes are the windows to my soul

So won't you look into my soul

You push me away
You pull me in

Fishes eat the eels
Whales die too
Babies are born everyday
And one day that will be you

There's a sky and a space and a galaxy
And so many layers in between
That we can never touch
Never to touch
Unless we want it that much
Track Name: Nebula
A Nebula at up my brain
And that's the way I like it

Space is the potential and the enemy
Which scares me the most
Which excites me the most

And the moon and the clouds are haunting
And the void is a perception of beauty
When your fingerprints disappear
It's as if you were never here

Space is an ocean without any fish
So swim in your space
You'll never dream like this
Happiness is transfered
I feel it too
Every molecule that was once in me
Is now in you

And it's in the moon and the trees and the birds and the bees
And it was always and never one

Every light piece is apart of the whole
And that's the way I think of it

Cause everything is nothing and nothing is everything
Everything is Everything is Everything

A Nebula ate up my brain