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You know that serene peaceful feeling when you look out onto the ocean? A spiritual connection as if you can feel something deeper than just the surface.

In this song, the ocean is being used as a metaphor for those deeper questions in life. A conversation takes place between a human and the ocean. The human is trying to say how much it enjoys what they think the ocean represents. Meanwhile the ocean is trying to explain there is more going on than meets the eye, and while the human may think they have a grasp of it, they are only at the edge.


Dear Ocean, I like your waves
Dear Human, I like your brain
But you only like a piece of me

I'm a whole
And my eyes are the windows to my soul

So won't you look into my soul

You push me away
You pull me in

Fishes eat the eels
Whales die too
Babies are born everyday
And one day that will be you

There's a sky and a space and a galaxy
And so many layers in between
That we can never touch
Never to touch
Unless we want it that much


from Universe, track released October 22, 2013




Sivia Moorestown, New Jersey

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